BfS STS-80 (Narrow Angle Nozzle 80º) - Billericay Farm Services (BFS)
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BfS STS-80 (Narrow Angle Nozzle 80º)


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NEW :   BfS STS-80   Narrow Angle Range of 80º, Low Drift Nozzles


An 80º nozzle for use where nozzle body centres are at 25cm or 33cm spacing. This allows for a lower boom height to be maintained to achieve the double overlap required for even application, and this lower boom height also results in less drift.

A narrow angle spray nozzle produces fewer fine droplets at the edge of the spray pattern, compared to a 110º fan pattern. Thus 80º nozzles produce  less drift than a 110º nozzles, so by combining this with a lower boom height,and  air inclusion, results in extremely low levels of drift, which all operators need to strive for.

Currently available in three sizes to apply from 70 litres per ha to 260 litres per ha at a12 kph (25cm spacing), and between 52 litres per ha and 196 litres per ha at 12 kph (33.3 cm spacing)

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015 Green, 020 Yellow, 025 Lilac