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Measuring Equipment

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  • BFS Flow Check


    Easy and effective method of checking the flow output of nozzles. No need for a jug or a stop watch. Simply set the dial at the base of the FlowCheck to the nozzle size being tested, for example here an 04, red. Hang the FlowCheck(s) on the boom under the nozzle (can be a single one or a number spread across the boom), turn on the pump, set the pressure to 3 bar and the FlowCheck will indicate the output of the nozzle  in seconds, and without getting wet.

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  • Anemometer


    Economically priced wind meter that is accurate and easy to operate. Speed measurements are available in either km/hour, miles/hour, metres/second or in knots.

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  • Distance Measuring Wheels


    Delivers accurate measurements even over the roughest terrain. Equipped with a convenient kickstand and are fitted with a gear driven counted housed in a weather resistant casing. Durameter polyinyl treats provide improved traction.

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