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The LiquiTec - T range - has been specially formulated to provide healthy turf with good density and excellent colour.

A blend of inorganic and organic nutrients provided by macro (NPK) and micro-nutrients (Fe, Mn, S), LiquiTec-T contains additional plant and microbial stimulants (humic acid, fulvic acid, kelp) together with carbohydrates.

LiquiTec ‘Fusion’ fertilisers are dual acting. Absorbed by the leaves they act as a foliar feed whilst supporting the release of inherent nutrients in the soil to promote a healthy soil microbe population. This microbial activity stimulates a healthy rootzone which reduces applied nutrients leaching from the soil.


Turf to benefit from BFS



LiquiTec NPK (click to view label)
14-8.6 + Trace elements + Seaweed.
A well-balanced nutrient complex promoting root growth and early colour. Contains iron, manganese and enriched with humic acids and kelp extract.


LiquiTec High N (click to view label)
22-0-10 + Trace elements + Seaweed.
High nitrogen, zero phosphate formulation with potassium for increased drought and disease tolerance. Also contains iron and manganese together with humic acid and kelp.


LiquiTec NK (click to view label)
10-0-12.5 + Trace elements + Seaweed.
Formulation provides late season colour without excessive growth. Potassium provides turf hardiness and stress relief in preparation for the onset of winter. Also contains iron and manganese together with humic acid and kelp.


LiquiTec Iron (click to view label)
1-0-0 + 6% Fe.
Unique, iron-rich formulation in plant available form. Designed to provide colour and enhance photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll. Complexed with humic acid and amine nitrogen to establish healthy root zone conditions.


LiquiTec High K (click to view label)
4-0-12 + Trace elements + Seaweed.
High potassium nitrate fertiliser formulation for autumn and winter use or at any time when potassium levels are low. Contains humates for enhancing phtosynthesis and stimulation of plant enzymes. Enriched with iron, manganeze and seaweed extract.


Pack sizes: 10 and 20 litre packs & 1,000 litre IBC’s.



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BFS LiquiTec support the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA - Essex Section)

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