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Suspension Fertilisers

Crops to benefit from BFS Technology

Suspension fertilisers are compounds – specially formulated to meet specific soil and crop requirements. Nutrients are suspended in a clay gel, which requires specialised application equipment.

Suspensions offer exceptional precision for both the farmer and advisor as they can contain any combination of nutrients which do not seperate out into the constituents.


The Benefits:

Rape – Excellent crop establishment will be achieved by applications of Nitrogen with the Phosphate and Potash and Sulphur.

Cereals  –  P and K applications can be made during the summer/early autumn, post harvest period.

Potatoes – Apply in the early spring to provide all the crops nutritional requirements.

Sugar Beet and Vegetables – Single, one pass application. Top margins and yields are achieved by tailoring crop nutrition to meet the crops exact needs. sodium, boron and magnesium can be added as required.

BFS have specialist contractors ready to apply suspension fertilisers throughout East Anglia.


Click here for information on the BFS Contracting Service.

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