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Dribble Bars

BFS Dribble Bar

The BFS Dribble Bar – has been specifically designed for the application of liquid fertilisers on arable and grassland crops. Easily fitted to all standard nozzle cap assemblies.

The applicators are the safe and sure method of accurately placing liquid fertiliser in exactly the right place. Each dribble Bar features four equally spaced openings that apply vertical liquid streams direct to their intended target.

BFS Dribble Bar at use

Unique, finger-tip adjustment dial allows the operator to change at any time the rate of fertiliser being applied. This "Dial a Setting" feature provides a choice of five different rates of application that can be altered in the field without changing metering discs.


The benefits are:

Accuracy – Applies precision targeting of liquid fertiliser, eradicates application overlap, minimises crop scorch and reduces crop lodging.


Efficiency – Ensures liquid fertilisers can be applied quickly and efficiently.

Economy – Reduces waste and cost: Excess overlap is eliminated and a fast ground speed range of 8 – 20 kph applies rates of 150 – 1,000 litres per hectare.

Safety – Removes risk of spray drift and eliminates contamination of the soil and surrounding environment.


Winner of "Best New Product Innovation" LAMMA 2005.

Best new product innovation

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