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Profol and Profol Plus


Profol and Profol Plus are urea based, foliar applied liquid fertilisers that boost protein levels in milling wheat.

Helps to achieve milling-quality wheat crops.

Foliar application ensures rapid uptake even in dry weather conditions.

Options include the addition of sulphur and Bittersaltz to improve uptake of nitrogen.



Two Profol products are available :-

  1. Profol 18-0-0  (N-P-K)
  2. Profol Plus 18-0-0-5-1.5  (N-P-K-S03-Mg)

Profol Plus contains added sulphur in a sulphate form that is readily available to the plant, and magnesium


Rate to Apply:
- 40 kgs N per hectare (200 litres/ha) – Standard dressing
- 50 kgs N per hectare (250 litres/ha) – High yielding sites and varieties.

Apply Profol with BFS Air Bubble Jets

At the standard rate one tonne (900 litres) will treat 4.5 hectares of wheat, and one x 1000 litre IBC will treat 5 hectares.

If on-farm storage is not available, BFS can provide temporary storage in plastic IBC containers.

Ring 01268 710237 for further information, prices and to order your requirement.


Apply Profol with BFS low drift jets. Click here for details of our Air Bubble Jets.


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