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The LiquiTec–P range has been specially formulated to provide the necessary fertility for healthy grass growth in paddocks.




LiquiTec-P Spring
10-8.6 + 1% Fe, 0.5% Mn.
A well-balanced nutrient complex promoting root growth and early colour. Contains iron, manganese and enriched with humic acids and kelp extract.

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LiquiTec-P Summer
22-0-10 + 1% Fe, 0.5% Mn.
High nitrogen, zero phosphate formulation with potassium for increased drought and disease tolerance. Also contains iron and manganese together with humic acid and kelp.

LiquiTec-P Autumn
6-0-12 plus sugar + humic acid.
Late season colour without excessive growth. Potassium provides turf hardiness and stress relief in preparation for the onset of winter.

Pack sizes: 10 and 20 litre packs & 1,000 litre IBCs.

BFS offer a professional spray contracting service throughout East Anglia for the application of fertiliser and chemicals.


Click here for information on the BFS Spray Contracting Service.

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