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LiquiTec Specialities


BFS has a range of LiquiTec fertilisers – for applications to soft fruits, herbs, sports and amenity turf and paddocks.

LiquiTec fertilisers have been formulated using ‘fusion’ technology designed to combine all aspects of plant and soil nutrition.

The range utilises a unique blend of nutrients, including complex carbohydrates, bio and microbial stimulants, humic acids and cold water processed kelp (nodosum aschophylum) to redress microbial imbalance, whilst simultaneously providing immediate nutrition to the plant.

This unique range of fertilisers provide the following benefits;


Greater Nutrient Efficiency:

LiquiTec fertilisers are fully soluble, plant available and can be tank mixed with other products in the range to achieve the result required. This perfectly-balanced range of fertilsers are specifically formulated and naturally chelated, to successfully deliver the required level of nutrition to the plant, at maximum availability, under a wide range of growing and climatic conditions.

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