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LiquiTec Copper

Diagnosis of Copper Deficiency – General symptoms include: stunted growth, chlorosis and malformation of shoots and leaves. In cereals young leaf tips yellow and curl and eventually spiral. Ears can be trapped within the sheath or emerge white with unfilled grain sites.

In onions and leaks the youngest leaves exhibit chlorosis, first yellowing then turning whitish/grey. Leaves spiral with the tips extending horizontal to the basal portion of the plant.



(Cu) 15.00%
(SO3) 9.00%


Cereal crops, Beet, Onions & Leeks


2 litres/ha maintenance, 4 litres/ha deficiency

Water volume

100 - 200 litres

Pack Size:

10, 20 and 1000 litres


Do not mix with benazolin, mecroprop (CMPP),MCPA & 24D

Diagnosis of Manganese Deficiency

Copper activates several enzymes and influences part of the chloroplast protein necessary for photosynthesis.

LiquiTec Copper contains copper, sulphur and surfactants. It is ideal for addressing copper deficiencies or applying to farm land with a history of copper deficiency. It can be mixed with most chemicals. Always read the label.

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