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The Liquid Nitrogen Range

BFS liquid nitrogen fertilisers are manufactured to exacting standards. Applying solutions enables the farm sprayer operator to achieve a high level of  accuracy, right up to the field margins, without contaminating water-courses or field boundaries.

Manufactured using both Ammonium Nitrate and Urea fertilisers, these formulations are very efficient, dual acting solutions containing Nitrate, Ammonium and Ureic nitrogen. This provides rapid uptake nitrate and slow release ureic nitrogen.

Urea in fluid form, unlike solid urea,  is not so  prone to volatilisation - where it is lost to the atmosphere. This can be very significant in dry, warm periods and on chalky soil types.



Clear Solution Nitrogen Range

Nitrogen 28N (28-0-0)

(28% Nitrogen or 280 kg Nitrogen per tonne).

The standard liquid nitrogen range is an efficient combination of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate, giving the benefit of quick nitrate and slow release urea nitrogen in the same application.

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Nitrogen 30N (30-0-0)

(30% Nitrogen or 300 kg Nitrogen per tonne).

Available for farmers who require the same benefits as above but require a formulation with a higher Nitrogen content.

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Clear Solution Nitrogen/Sulphur Range

Sulphur is a beneficial addition to nitrogen as:

26-0-0 + 5% SO3.

An excellent grade for cereals that applies the crops total sulphur requirement at the same time as the nitrogen.

When 200 kgs Nitrogen is applied per hectare, 38 kgs of SO3 is applied at the same time.

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18 – 0 – 0 + 15% SO3

A formulation widely used on both oilseed rape and cereals. It provides the first nitrogen top dressing and all the sulphur requirements in one early application.

Oilseed rape - 400 litres per hectare gives 88 kgs N and 73 kgs of SO3.

Cereals - 200 litres per hectare gives 44 kgs N and 37 kgs of SO3.

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Other popular nitrogen/sulphur grades include:

23 - 0 - 0 - 8.7% S


22 – 0 – 0 – 11% SO3


20 – 0 – 0 -12.5% SO3


Where a specific nutrient input is required, formulations can be tailor-made to match precise needs. Just call our technical team to discuss your requirements.



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