BFS is a FIAS accredited company.

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Liquid Fertiliser

Fast, flexible, and above all accurate -  BFS is at the forefront of liquid fertiliser technology. The company formulates and manufactures an extensive range of both clear liquid solutions, suspension fertilisers, trace elements and specialised niche products.

Our product range includes 100% soluble Nitrogen and Compound fertilisers. These products are either ‘straight’ or, with the Nitrogen, include added Sulphur.

Suspension fertilisers are tailor made products specially formulated to meet specific soil and crop requirements. These are contract applied.

We supply storage for fluid fertilisers - either long term on-farm static tanks to temporary storage solutions. We advise on siting, construction and bunding requirements, and the environmental implications of liquid fertiliser storage.

We also manufacture and supply the award winning BFS Dribble bars and Air Bubble Jets used to apply our various products to different crops.

One big advantage of converting to liquids will result in a  reduction of on-farm waste and plastic packaging. There are no bags to recycle, and no long term storage until it is removed by the recycling contractors.



BFS is a FIAS accredited company.

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